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Dental Implants for Dentures

Today, some dental implant systems have become very successful.  So much so, that the standard of care for a first mandibular (lower) denture is moving towards the placement of at least two implants in the lower arch.  Properly placed implants provide substantial retention for the denture as well as the maintaining of the bony structures of the mouth.  Unfortunately, all implant systems are not the same, and some systems have proven more reliable than others.  To a patient seeking information, there can seem to be an endless number of choices.  As dental professionals, we are prohibited from publicly promoting the superiority of one system over another.  That is why it is important, when contemplating implant treatment, I highly recommend that patients get several opinions.  Do not be afraid to visit several dentists for consultations.  Gather enough information until you feel comfortable with your decision as to the avenue of treatment and the particular practitioner that you choose.

Dental implants are permanent and not easily removable.  Dental implants need to be placed properly in location, height, as well as alignment to each other.  A poorly placed dental implant will actually hinder the final prosthetic result.

The examples on the right illustrate important elements necessary for a successful implant-prosthetic treatment.  Note that the implants are placed at optimum height and are well aligned to each other.  This allows for the best possible construction of the lower denture.  The bottom image shows the placement of the denture attachments.  Note here that the attachments are located centrally along the curvature of the dental arch.

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Dental Implants For Dentures

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