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Over a period of time, dentures can become loose.  A denture reline is a procedure that adds material to the inside of the denture to compensate for the changes in the oral tissues.  There are two different types of denture relines:
Temporary Denture Relines and Laboratory Denture Relines.  A temporary denture reline is typically done in a short, chair side appointment.  The material that is used is soft and is only meant to last for several months at best.  Temporary denture relines are a valuable treatment when we want to improve the condition of excess soft tissue that results when a patient has been wearing an ill-fitting denture or denture adhesive for a prolonged period of time.

Laboratory denture relines, as the name implies, require hours of dental laboratory time.  These are permanent denture relines.  The material, which is cured inside the denture, is the same material that the denture is originally constructed from.  This type of denture reline is meant to be serviceable for years.  Permanent denture relines are indicated in situations where a good fitting denture has become loose over a normal course of time.  Permanent denture relines are not indicated in situations where the denture is completely worn out or where the denture never fit properly when new.

I maintain my own laboratory so I can provide affordable, same day, permanent laboratory denture relines.

Denture Reline Facts

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